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Our Story

Established in 1979

Noure's Oriental Rug, Inc. has a world-class collection of new contemporary carpets & Persian rugs. We also carry the most prestigious line of Antique Carpets which attract clients from around the globe. With locations in Chicago, IL and Lake Geneva, WI, Noure's Oriental Rug, Inc. offers extraordinarily beautiful carpets as the finest home furnishings, and solid as art investments.

Since its inception in 1979, the world renowned company has specialized in new decorative carpets and investment-level art carpets, which include: Persian room size carpets, oversize carpets, and seldom-found 19th century tribal, village, and court area-size rugs. We also offer a vast collection of the finest antique carpets.


Noure's Oriental Rug Inc. has a vast inventory of the very best in antique carpets. Each carpet in the showroom has been hand selected by Noure Nateghi or Dariush Nateghi.  



Founder Ishmael & Noure & Dariush & Cyrus Nateghi

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