Antique Oriental Carpets

Antique Oriental rugs have been highly sought after items for over 100 years. In the early 1900's people started to realize the value, durability, and beauty that these antique pieces hold, which created a boom in the carpet world.   At Noures, we posses a large selection of carpets from all over the world, mainly from the "rug belt" weaving centers of Iran, China, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Caucuses, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Pakistan, Tibet, and India among others. Our array of Oriental rugs include carpets from the top weaving cities of Tabriz, Heriz, Kashan, Agra, Sultanabad, Qum, Herat, Kerman, Serapi and more. 


Here is a preview of our extensive collection of beautiful antique carpets. We specialize in large antique pieces (over 100 years old), and have a large selection of fine silk pieces as well. In addition to large antiques, and silk carpets, we have rugs that will fulfill any of your size, color, and style requirements. Our professionally curated selection coupled with the pride we take in the condition of that selection, a trip to our showroom is sure to be an experience. 

12x15 Antique Needlepoint

This is one of the best. Serapi WOW!


12x17 great size good color.

12x15 Halvi Bijar Mint

The Iron Carpet this is a very early Bijar

10x14 Serapi

One of the best! On Hold

10x13 Serapi

Persian art.

11.5 X 17

Ivory Serapi


Decorative Vintage Serapi

Supper Pice Rare Antique Tabriz HJ  (1).
Tabriz 11.7 x 19.4 0325755
Oushak 12x17. 4

This is the best Oushak. Highly Decorative.

Tabriz HJ 12x15  (2)
12x16 Farahan (2)

Very fine vintage decorative carpet.

Rare Bakhshayesh

14x18.4 This is a world class antique rug. Decorators dream. Owned by serious oriental rug collector for many decades. We proudly display this highly sought after beauty.


14x20 This vintage old wool on wool Oushak.

Rare Bakhshayesh

Decorative Blue color rare art carpet. 9x12

6x9 Antique Oushak Blue Green Rare Out W

on Hold.

Tabriz Haji Halili 11.6x17 #325066
Oushak #151686
1781 KOLIAE 14X23 001
12x21 Lavar (3)
14x28 Antique In Stock
Farahan Sarouk  Circa 1878

10x13 Sarouk Farahan Navy Rust Late 19th

Kirman Lavar  Circa 1873

This is very old Kirman Shaw from the city of Lavar. Extra fine great condition. Rare size 11.9x13.5

Tabriz Haji Jalili circa 1870

10x13 Haji Jalili Tabriz This one of a kind supper carpet. Late 19th from Master workshop Haji Jalili

Mohajeran Sarouk

Sarouk Mohajeran 9x12.4 Mint German Condition. Navy/Red

Mohajeran Sarouk 1906

This is an amazing antique rug full pile. Perfect condition. Size 10x13.5

Mint Antique Sarouk Fahan  (2)

This is one of the finest examples of Master Rugs. Amazing. Size 10x13

10x14 Agra Lt Bluie-Gold (2)

This is a decorative antique rug very nice. 10x14


This is a great antique rug. 9x12

11.4 x 16.3 Bakshaish 151503  (4)
Farahan Sarouk

This is an amazing rug! 9x12


9x12 This is a very old Serapi circa 1860 clean and sweet rug. rare very old design in the boarder. This was the original Serapi.

Ivory Serapi

It doesn't get any better than this. This is truly an investment antique art rug. Size 11x14.8


Art Under Foot This is an amazing carpet. Size 12x14.3

Rare North West Perisan

9x12 Spectacular color. This is a truly decorative rare carpet. Circa 1890

Backshiesh Rug

Tribal Rug Art Under foot. Size 8.9x11.2


This is very old Iran Serapi Circa 1858 Size 10x13

Zigler Mahal

Highly decorative truly amazing color. Size 8.2X10.3

North West Persia

Trible Art Carpet Size 9x12

Bakshaish 11.1 x 15

This is a Designers Dream allover design highly decorative colors. Circa 1860


This is a very rare color Oushak. Highly decorative Gold Rust 10x12


This is from one of the best collections in the world. Highly decorative oushak. Circa 1876 Size 10x12.5


So soft and decorative. Size 10x12


9x12 Circa 1920 great Persian rug.


Good old Persian rug. Great colors. Size 12.5X14.2


One of a kind. Highly Decorative. Size 8.8x10


This is a thick plush rug. Size 12x15


Decorative colors. Size 10x13


Decorative Oushak art rug circa 1880 Red Weft 1151828 Size 8.2x10.8


Decorative Ouhsak wool on wool. Size 10x13

Oushak 9.4x13

This is as decorative as it gets. Oushak WOW Size 10x13

Lavar Kirman

Persian Rug At It's Best. Size 9x12

Oushak Gold Rust 10x12
10x14 Agra Lt Bluie-Gold (2)
9x12 Navey Srapi
9x12 Rare Bijra Gurs  (6)
9x12 Tabriz  LT Green-Blue (1)
9x12 Tabriz Haji Halili Ivory  (5)
9x12 Farahan

Amazing Colors. Size 9x12

Angora Mint WOW

Circa 1860 ANGORA 10.4X13.4


151581 Size 8.1x11 Sultanabad Late 19 Early 20th