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Carpet Conservation: Cleaning, Repair, Restoration, and Appraisal

Conservation Services

The conservation and restoration services offered by Noure's Oriental Rug provides one of the world's most highly regarded conservation services around. Available to private collectors as well as offering their services to homes, museums, and galleries, this has been a central faction of out services since opening over 30 years ago. We employ the best conservators and weavers, many of whom were trained in Europe, Turkey, Pakistan, India, Afganistan & of course Persia or Iran. They are all fine artists in their own right with a strong intuitive knowledge of colors, textures and composition. Combined with their in-depth conservation experience, our team is outstandingly qualified to handle fine antique carpets and tapestries.

Conservation Goals

Part of the attraction of rare and exceptional antique & decorative carpets are qualities that they have acquired over time. The enhanced characteristics of the original weaving process - the mellowing of colors over the years, the subtle "abrash" variations of hand-weaving techniques and vegetable dyes, and the textures associated with normal usage over time gives old capret their desireable patina. The goal of Noure's Oriental Rug is to restore a carpet to sound condition while preserving the intrinsic character of a fine work of art. Since insensitive and irresponsible restoration can adversely affect the value of an important piece, our primary concern is to conserve and only to a lesser extent to repair damage, although restoration of lost areas and detail remains an important part of our work.




Rug cleaning chicago

Carpet Cleaning

It is vital that you have your rug cleaned at least once every 5 years if you wish to keep its vibrance and longevity. At Noure's we clean your carpet with the appropriate techniques based on its age and condition. We employ a variety of techniques including: hand washing, machine washing, tumbling, and enzyme treatment among others. With our cleaning services, you can be assured that your carpet will be treated with the utmost care and proper techniques.
Rug Repair chicago

Carpet Repair

Even with proper cleaning and care, unwanted and unslightly damage can happen to your rug. We offer services that range from simple astethic repairs which can be completed in our stores, to sending your antique carpet to Turkey for major damage issues. We will give you advice depending on the condition of your rug, while supplying you with the best restoration options available..
Rug Repair

Carpet Restoration

If you have a carpet that needs more than minor repairs, or if you would like your carpet to be completely overhauled and restored to its full glory, let us handle the job. We have some of the best antique carpet conservationists in the business. Our restoration experts in Turkey are among the best in the world, and we can have your carpet looking beautiful in a timely and reasonably prices fashion. Call us today to find out more.

Rug Appraisal

Carpet Appraisal

Whether you would like your carpet appraised for insurance purposes, because you want to sell it, or you want to see if you got a great deal on a newly aquired piece, our years of experience and expertise in the business can help you. Call today to make an appointment.

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