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Noure's Oriental Rugs has one of the largest and most refined collection of antique oriental rugs in the midwest. We also have a large selection of attractively priced, modern and transitional, custom carpets that are just waiting to be made to your specifications.

Antique Carpets

With a first class selection of antique and traditional carpets, Noure's attracts clients from around the globe searching for that perfect piece. Whether you want the perfect rug for your space, a conversation piece, or an art investment, we surely will have something to please you.

New Carpets
New Rugs

Noure's offers newly made carpets using beautiful and distinctive old world designs. These carpets are made using traditional handmade techniques. Our new rugs come in a variety of styles and designs from tribal, to elegant and intricate european influenced carpets. 

Custom - Modern and Transitional

Our modern and transitional carpets captivate the eye and satisfy the mind. Beautiful stock pieces, as well as custom options, give you the ability to acquire the ideal piece for your space. Wheter you are feeling bold or subtle, we can find or create the perfect piece.

Michaelian & Kohlberg

Founded in 1921, Michaelian & Kohlberg designs and creates fine handmade decorative carpets for high-end residential, office and hospitality interiors. Their carpets are handmade in Nepal, India and China. The Michaelian & Kohlberg name synonymous with carpets that combine innovative textures and weaves with sophisticated, design-forward palettes.

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