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Our Story

With a legacy spanning over 40 years, Noure's Oriental Rug Inc. has established itself as a premier destination for exceptional antique and handmade rugs, now led by third-generation dealer Dariush Nateghi.

Founded in the 1970s, Noure's specializes in contemporary carpets, precious Persian antiques, and investment-grade decorative pieces, attracting discerning clients worldwide. The extraordinary collections treat rugs as both fine art and furnishings.

Dariush Nateghi, grandson of the founder, is now considered one of the foremost antique rug experts in the world. With the strongest family lineage in Persian weaving and perhaps the most extensive inventory of rare carpets in the Midwest, Dariush upholds his family’s reputation for unmatched connoisseurship.

Across galleries in Chicago and Lake Geneva, Noure's offers a spectrum of rugs reflecting generations of collecting. From lush modern carpets to 19th century tribal weavings, the options span styles from traditional to contemporary.

But the heart of the collection comprises museum-caliber Persian court carpets and Silk Road tribal pieces. Drawing on his family’s expertise, Dariush Nateghi acquires only superlative antique specimens in flawless condition.

Led by third-generation expert Dariush Nateghi, Noure's Oriental Rugs continues serving designers and collectors seeking the pinnacle of artistry and craftsmanship in rare handmade carpets.

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At Noure's Oriental Rugs, our passion is preserving and presenting the pinnacle of artistry in handmade oriental carpets.

For over 40 years, we have dedicated ourselves to seeking out and procuring the finest antique and decorative rugs across cultures. Our expansive collection provides a journey through centuries of tradition and craftsmanship.

Driven by a spirit of discovery, we source only museum-caliber carpets from around the world. Our experts discern pieces of unrivaled quality, artistry and grace to offer distinguished collectors and connoisseurs.

We specialize in the exceptional – the highest echelon of antique and decorative oriental rugs that exemplify age-old techniques. Each carpet tells a story woven by talented artisans through thousands of knots.

Our commitment is acquiring these rare works and providing inspiration in refined spaces worldwide. We take pride in being trusted stewards, preserving carpets destined to be tomorrow’s masterpieces.

At Noure’s, our passion is honoring the enduring legacy of the handmade oriental rug. We invite you to connect with meaning, beauty and heritage woven into every carpet.

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Our Vision

We envision being the most trusted and knowledgeable guide for both novice collectors and distinguished connoisseurs in their pursuit of exceptional handmade Oriental rugs.

Through our passion and discernment, we will source the finest carpets from across history and geography to offer a transportive experience connecting people to ancient cultures and artisans.

By preserving time-honored techniques and remastering past designs, we will cultivate a new generation of weavers and renew appreciation for the grandeur of Oriental rugs.

Our expansive yet curated inventory will include the rarest gems along with contemporary works of enduring beauty, quality and artistry. 

With scholarly expertise and white-glove service, we will match carpets to patrons to provide inspiration in homes and businesses. Our relationships will be founded on integrity, excellence and delight.

By elevating fine Oriental carpets to their rightful place as works of art, we will ensure this craft endures as a conduit of meaning, creativity and beauty that links past and future for centuries to come.

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