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Tabriz Carpets

Tabriz has long been the center of rug making in Persia. It is most known for its classic and elegant designs. It is the largest weaving center and produces many different types of carpets as a result of its prominence as a city of world trade. It has been home to many master weavers including the most famous, Hadji Jallil.


Tabriz designs are widely varied, You often see arabesques, cypress trees, multi-faceted flower heads, and the four seasons, which represents the growing cycles familiar to Persian farmers. Tabriz has long been a center of commerce, and as a result you will see all kinds of quality ranging from inexpensive bazaar quality, to some of the finest weaves known to the world..


Our fine new Tabriz carpets utilize high quality wool and are woven in Iran, India, or Pakistan. Our sizing options vary so please inquire about if we have a specific size in the design that you like.

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