Antique Oriental rugs have been highly sought after items for over 100 years. In the early 1900's people started to realize the value, durability, and beauty that these antique pieces hold. This realization created a boom in the carpet world.  At Noure's, we posses a large selection of carpets from all over the world, mainly from the "Rug Belt". This consisted of the intimate weaving centers of Iran, China, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Caucuses, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Pakistan, Tibet, and India among others. Our array of Oriental rugs include carpets from the top weaving cities of Tabriz, Heriz, Kashan, Agra, Sultanabad, Qum, Herat, Kerman, Serapi and more. 


Here is a preview of our extensive collection of beautiful antique carpets. We specialize in large antique pieces (over 100 years old), and have a large selection of fine silk pieces as well. In addition to large antiques, and silk carpets, we have rugs that will meet any of your size, color, and style requirements. Our professionally curated selection, coupled with the pride we take in the condition of that selection, visiting our showroom us sure to be an experience.