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Caring for and Cleaning Your Carpet.

Even with using the best practices to keep your rug clean, inevitably it will get dirty. We recommend that you have your rug professionally cleaned every 3-6 years depending on use. We can help you when that time comes, but until then, here are some tips on keeping your rugs in top shape, followed by a cleaning guide.


  • Vacuum your carpet at least once a month. This will take out the dirt, and prevent moths from living in it.


  • If you spill anything on your carpet, clean it immediately. You do not want the stain to set. The longer you wait, the more likely it is that the stain can be permanent. If you do spill something on your carpet, immediately sop up the excess liquid with a paper towel or rag. Do not rub the stain, just press gently on it. You can use cold water to dilute the stain, but never use hot water, it will make the stain set. Once most of the stain is removed, you can use rug cleaner on the spot. Make sure you use the appropriate creaner. We recommend Woolite for its gentle properties.

  • If a pet urinates on the rug, we recommend using a stronger cleaner than Woolite because urine can actually chemically alter the structure of the wool fibers and make them weaker.

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